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ReiVat The integration surveillance equipment can help central station operators gather more information through pre-alarm video footage allowing them to look in and assess the cause and severity of an event—helping to curb false alarms and provide emergency responders with the information they need prior to arrival onsite. This is especially critical as many U.S. police departments are treating verified alarms as higher priorities for response. For security professionals, AlarmNet’s expanded integration with I-View Now helps to make an easier and quicker installation, and provides greater opportunity for recurring monthly revenue (RMR). For instance,gsm panic button integration with AlarmNet quickly transmits alarms and eliminates the need for physical relay devices, which helps save time during installation. The devices can also be monitored remotely to detect problems such as video loss by channel, masked cameras and other system health issues.SI units of measurement, introduces the basics of the units of measurement which I thought are important to mention, even though they are not only a CCTV subject, but rather a technical issue. Many products, terms, dvr and concepts exist in the world of CCTV which sooner or later need to be referred to with a correct unit. SI units are suggested by the ISO (the International Standardization Organization), and if we accept these units as universal it will make our understanding of the products and their specifications clearer and more accurate. I have also listed the common metric prefixes because I have found a lot of technicians do not know them.
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